Dedicated and Quality Childcare Dedicated and Quality Childcare

Creative Play

Early Learning.

From the moment your child is born, they are learning, immediately exploring the sights, sounds and textures of the world around them.  The Bluebell Room is where your child will spend much of their day experimenting, exploring and begining to socialise.  When they move into our Daisy Room, they will be ready for more advanced equipment, arts and crafts and a day filled with scheduled activities.

The Daffodil room is where your child will first experience a more structured 'school environment'.  We introduce all areas of learning on a one-to-one basis, as well as in group activities.

Our teachers are fully qualified, highly-talented professionals who are committed to providing the best education for your child.  All of our rooms are fully equipped with the latest teaching materials for the appropriate age group.  To compliment our extensive education programme, we have a reporting system for each child at the end of each day.

Extra Curricular activities.

At Tiny Tots Paradise Creche & Homework Club, we believe in keeping your child happy, entertained and stimulated throughout the year!  We have a programme of extra activities that involve all children in the Creche including a Birthday party for each child, our Halloween party, Christmas Play and the anual visit by Santa himself.  We are very much involved in celebrating all the different cultures in our service.  Every child is respected and valued along with their own culture and beliefs.  We also arrange trips for our pre-school age children to the local pet farm, local parks and libraries.  All of these activities are subject to parents, consent and we ensure very high child/carer ratios on all outdoor trips.

Sporting activities.

As your child grows and develops, they will take part in a host of sporting activities, including ball sports and group games.  These activities help to develop your chils's physical and mental abilities and teach them all about teamwork and lots of fun