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Health and Safety


Tiny Tots Paradise Creche & Homework Club, Kilkenny,  makes sure that the following steps are taken at all times to ensure the Health, Safety and Well being of children, staff & parents.

  1. Staff/Child ratios are to be adhered with at all times
  2. Children must always be adequately supervised at all times
  3. Our premises is a smoke free area
  4. All Heating, Lighting and Sanitary Conditions within the facility must be regularly checked and monitored
  5. Hygiene/Cleaning rosters must be displayed in every room and or public areas and must be strictly adhered to and checked by the manager
  6. Accident Report Forms are filled in if there is any incidence of a child being hurt
  7. Waste disposal is carried out on a daily basis
  8. Electrical sockets must be covered at all times
  9. All toys/equipment will be regularly checked for damage/breakages
  10. All toys/equipment will be age appropriate and will be maintained to an extremely high standard of hygiene
  11. Hot water in the children’s sinks will be thermostatically controlled
  12. All cleaning materials and dangerous substances will be kept out of the children’s reach
  13. All rooms will be well ventilated at all times for a healthier environment and to reduce the spread of infection.
  14. It is our policy that all members of staff and management have paediatric First Aid.
  15. Emergency exits must always be kept clear for evacuation
  16. Sun Screen must always be applied to children in warm/sunny weather before playing outside.