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Healthy meals for children in Kilkenny

Educating your child's palette.

At Tiny Tots Paradise Creche & Homework Club, Kilkenny,  we promote healthy eating patterns and habits by providing the children with a healthy Breakfast, Morning Snack, Dinner, Afternoon Snack & Tea, as well as healthy non fizzy drinks throughout the day and by emphasizing the social and enjoyable aspect of mealtimes.

  • We also encourage children to understand and enjoy the value of a healthy diet by regularly engaging the children in activities that include food and healthy eating.
  • Children who are slow at eating are given adequate time to finish their meal and a child will never be forced to eat anything that they do not want.  All mealtimes are fully supervised to provide a safe, positive and cheerful environment.
  • All food storage, preperation, heating and serving is in full accordance with the Environmental Health Officer.
  • Our menu is varied and we use fresh produce where we can.  We use only ingredients of the highest quality, with every effort made to ensure low sodium and low sugar content. 
  • Whether a baby or in Pre-school, we will provide your child with all the nutrients they need in delicious meals served in a stimulating environment.  We have designed our menus to condiser all the different stages of your child's development.  Our menus follow the food pyramid, which is the definitive guide to ensuring your child gets all their daily nutritional needs.
  • We have a menu of 20 dinners and 20 teas which we rotate every 20 days, so if your child has chicken casserole on day, they will not eat this dish again for at least 20 days.  This ensures a variety of nutrients and tastes which will help to educate your child's palette.
  • We will adhere to any individual food choices or dietary requirements you or your child may have.
  • We will let you know each day exactly what your child is eating on our daily log sheets in each room or in your childs daily log book.