Dedicated and Quality Childcare Dedicated and Quality Childcare

Naíonra childcare service in Kilkenny

Tiny Tots Paradise Naíonra in our Sunflower Room offers pre-school education through the Irish language.  We help provide a quality Irish languge introduction service for children in 3 - 5 age group.  Sunflowers endeavours to provide a plesant, stimulating, welcoming, safe and helathy environment for all children.

Sunflowers aims to run the service by introducing the Irish language to all children.  It will also provide the child with the necessary opportunity and support to acquire Irish naturally, and in the case of a child whose home language is Irish, to facilitate the enrichment of that chils's first language.  It will promote the total development of the child through play, while supporting the role of the parent in the development and education of their child.

Sunflowers will promote equal opportunities for all children and a quality support service for parents.