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A Safe Environment

Safe & Secure

At Tiny Tots Paradise we incorporate extensive security and safety features in the design of our Crehce and have rigorous safety procedures in place to ensure that your child is kept safe in our care.

  • We have monitored, child-proof doors, controlled entry and exit points, and intercom systems, to help ensure that no person can enter or leave our premises without the full consent of our staff.
  • All parents must be finger printed to enable them access into the facility.  This ensures that all people who are in the premises are registered with us at all times.
  • There is also a security camera system which works 24hours a day with a recording system to catch anything which may happen in the facinity of the Creche.
  • We use a detailed registration form to ensure that strict procedures are in place for other family memers and friends you may wish to nominate to collect your child.
  • We keep comprehensive records on-site for every child in our care, including a full medical history.
  • We maintain a daily record system covering attendance, meals, sleeping patterns, activities, incidents, accidents, nappy changes, sickness, medicine administration, and many more areas, to help you and the health board to monitor our standards.
  • We have very high standards of hygiene and maintenance to ensure a safe, clean environment for your child.
  • The outdoor play area is surrounded by a 8ft high wall where no access can be achieved by anyone on the outside.
  • Our smoke alarm system is serviced and maintained yearly to ensure that all children in our care are safe at all times.  Both staff and children participate in monthly fire drills to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken in case of an actual emergency.
  • All child/adult ratios which are given by the Tusla are adhered to at all times.
  • All children are in age appropriate rooms with age appropriate activities being carried out on a daily basis.