Dedicated and Quality Childcare Dedicated and Quality Childcare

Value for the Money


Baby, Wobbler, Toddler & Pre-Montessori Rooms

Full Time Weekly                               €160 per week = €693.33 per calendar month

4 Day Week                                      €136 per week = €589.33 per calendar month

1/2 Day (AM/PM)                             €105 per week = €455 per calendar month

Daily Rate                                          €36 per day (3 days or less)

                                                          (no. of days per week x 52 / 12 = calendar month)

1/2 Daily Rate                                    €25 per day (3 days or less)

                                                          (no. of days per week x 52 / 12 = calendar month)

Hourly Rate                                        €6.00

After School Club

Drop to School                                  €3 per day

Collection from School                      €3 per day

After school care                              €20 per day

Sessional Care

Three hour session                           €18 per day


Many employers are seeking new ways to help employees balance workplace demands with the needds and schedules of their children.  At Tiny Tots Paradise, we offer an excellent childcare solution for the corporate sector.  This type of booking offers employees the following benefits:

  • Priority booking
  • Block Booking
  • Concession Rates

If you would like further information contact us on the attached details.


Fee Payment Terms

  • All fees must be made directly to the Company bank account by standing order or direct debit.
  • 1 weeks deposit is required once a space is confirmed to you by Tiny Tots Paradise.
  • Fees a payable weekly in advance.
  • Fees a payable 52 weeks per year, regardless of holidays or sickness.
  • Once your child has started with Tiny Tots Paradise your deposit is fully retuned provided that 1 months notice is given in writing to the Creche and all fees applicable are paid up to date.